Advanced Computer Valet

It is important to have your computer and peripherals periodically cleaned professionally to ensure the equipment functions at 100% and maintain a long life span.

It’s sadly a fact that grease from fingertips, germs, dust and static build up on and around your expensive computer equipment. If this is left unchecked it can eventually lead to a downgrade in system performance (slower running and blue screen warning) even worse it can lead to potentially costly repairs and replacement of equipment parts.

The advanced computer cleaning process should take approx 30 minutes to complete however this can vary and take longer depending on various factors.

These factors could be things like number of peripherals, if the keys need to be fully removed or not.

What We Valet

Main Unit

Main Case and Drive Tray Main Case and Drive Tray


Outside surfaces and drive trays are cleaned and sanitised using specilised cleaning products and equipment. When we clean the outside case it is also coated in an anti-static coating which will help slow down the build up of dust collecting back onto the surfaces.

When computers are on the create an electromagnetic field which draws the dust out of the surrounding air onto your equipment this is why it is good practice to cover with this sort of coating.




What the inside can look like This the inside

Internal casing is cleaned. Using purpose built anti-static equipment to remove all dust and debris from the motherboard, internal cards processor. The fan blades are carefully cleaned to remove the layer of film that has built up on the edges casing them to make your computer sound noisier when you use it. This will help reduce the noise of the computer when it is running as well as helping it run at lower temperatures prolong life span.


Dirty Keyboard Keyboard


It is surprising how much dirt and germs build up under the keys on a average computer keyboard.

If you eat or drink as you use your computer then this is increased. The secrets that hide under your keys can include, parts of sweets, staples, bits of fingernail, insects, hair biscuit crumbs. All these help germs multiple.

We use specialised equipment along with anti-static hovers where needed. 




Computer Moniter Moniter


We clean all types of monitors from the traditional crt to the new plasma and lcd's.

Lcd and plasma screens have to cleaned in a different way to the traditional crt. This is because almost all new monitors, screens, copiers and televisions have there surfaces coated in the production process. The reason for this is for anti-reflection, limiting   radiation,    conductivity, enhancing contrast and anti-static.




Trackball Mouse Mouse


We clean all types of mouse from the traditional style to the newer trackball style.

We carefully remove dust and debris from the rollers or optical sensors and clean and sanitise the external surfaces.

CD/DVD Drive Tray

CD/DVD Drive Tray CD/DVD Drive


We clean the drive trays getting into every groove and follow this up with using a cleaning disc to clean the optical lenses on the drives.


We can also valet various peripherals when are carring out the advanced computer valet.



Apart from the biological dangers on your equipment there is also the problem of hardware failures from particles of dust being drawn in through the fans from the surrounding air. This settles and creates a blanket over the motherboard and internal components causing systems to run hotter and this is what causes the life span of equipment to reduce.


Electrical Hygiene Solutions uses this technology along with specialised anti-static equipment to fully clean your equipment inside and out.

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