TFT, CRT, LCD and Plasma Screen Cleaning

Plasma Screen Plasma Screen

Cleaning your Computer and Television screens regular can reduce the spread of harmful Bacteria and can also reduce eye strain to those who use the equipment. This also allows organisations who use these screens to keep within the Health and Safety requirements leading to a happier and healthier workforce.





Cleaning your screen can seriously damage its protective coatings


Screens have protective coatings and are very sensitive to damage from using the wrong cleaning solutions. 

The screen cleaning process we use has taken many years to develop and has been extensively tested.

It is not dissolved with or in regular water and does not contain alcohol products.

The special Anti-Static formula reduces the build up of dirt resulting in less cleaning, Therefore less risks of damage and a prolonged lifetime of your expensive equipment.

Also being Anti-Bacterial removes and prevents the build up of contamination providing a high tech Nano layer coating on the treated surface.



Ensure your Screen has a Protective Layer at all Times  

Damage you could be doing to your expensive equipment

Dirty Screen Marked Screen


Cleaning your Screens in the wrong way or using household cleaners or even in some case's water can result in the marks you see in the picture.


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