Anti-Static Treatments

If you or any members of your Staff experience Static Shocks while carrying out their work you should really act.

Static Electrical Shocks can be unsettling and annoying at times as well as being dangerous especially if you experience shocks in an area where flammable vapours or dust might be present.

Most commonly in an office area people experience shocks when touching a door, filling cabinet, lift or metal objects.

Static Electricity is generated when two materials are in contact. The general rule of the universe is all materials hold equal amounts of negative charge (electrons) and positive charge (protons).

But when two surfaces come into contact with each other these charges are redistributed over each and this leaves an excess of positive charge on one. This excess electrostatic charge can build up and this is where the effects of static shocks can be noticed.

It is therefore advised you treat Carpets regularly to prevent this. Carpets with nylon fibres in them are far worse left untreated they may interfere with computer terminals.




Our Anti Static Treatment eliminates the build up of static electricity that causes the shocks it can also be used as a preventive carpet treatment.

Treatment can be applied to a dry carpet and should really be applied every 6 months to see the proper benefits.

We use Non toxic products that are environmentally friendly

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