Fire and Smoke Damaged Equipment

If you are in the unfortunate position to have had a fire the smoke will have damaged and covered everything.

Your insurance assessor will have decided if your computer equipment is able to be replaced under your insurance scheme or not if that that is the case.


This sounds an easy fix but now you have possible lost all the treasured photos and files you have collected over the years

This is where we can help

Depending on the damage sustained to the equipment we may be able to either clean up the equipment so it can still used or we can remove the hard drive and attempt to recover the data stored on it.

When we buy a new computer we feel overwhelmed and excited about the new equipment but then as we start using it little minor things start to annoy us. Simple things that just happened on your old system but not your new system Why is this?

Simple over the years that you used your older system you constantly updated programs installed plugins for programs as and when they were needed. Now although you have a more up to date operating system these still need to be reinstalled one by one


This is where we come in

When you have your new computer equipment we can install all the software you had purchased and installed on your old computer( If you still have the installation discs and codes).


We can then take your old computer and collect the files and settings you had created over years and transfer them to your new computer system.

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