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We are confident that the computer cleaning services along with the telephone cleaning services we provide are not only cost effective but will also help control bacteria and dust that builds up over and in your expensive equipment.

Dust Buildup Internal Workings


The dust that builds up coats the inside of your equipment covering the major components which over time leads to your system running hotter, noisier and slower which will lead to the premature failure of you equipment.


With your systems running hotter this creates the perfect environment for bacteria to multiple, From a single household computer to a large call centre all computers are breading grounds for dangerous bacteria.


Apart from your telephone the keyboard is by far the worst area. Research has now proven that keyboards harbour more germs and dangerous bacteria than most Toilet Seats. Without consciously knowing we shed skin cells over our keyboards, drop food, crisps and sugary substances. Use unwashed hands cough and sneeze covering our desk area in germs.


Businesses throughout the UK are now taking computer hygiene very serious. Realising the knock on effects it can have by failing to take it serious.

With a good IT Hygiene Program in place your Staff would be using cleaner and more Hygienic Equipment helping avoid one of the main sources of cross infection within the workforce in turn helping to reducing staff sickness.


Germs on Toilet Toilet Germs


We also hear the term “sick building syndrome” this is thought be caused by the way viruses are passed so quickly through office and workplace environments. This has a major effect on employee downtime and can be very expensive to employers.

This is worsened where more than one member of staff share the equipment or work shift patterns this is commonly referred to as “hot desking”




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